Yet Another Nokia Exec Resigns (Or Will Do, in 2012)

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What's been put in the Finns' herring recently? Something must have triggered a seismic change, with their third exec in as many days announcing his resignation. Chairman Jorma Ollila today confirmed he will resign come 2012.


It's not known whether something (or someone) is pushing for the Nokia old guard to make the leap, or if the many years Ollila, Vanjoki and Kallasvuo put into the company have finally taken their toll.

Either way, we do know that Steve Elop (a recent hire from Microsoft) will replace CEO Kallasvuo from September the 21st, and Anssi Vanjoki will be working out a six-month notice period, giving the Finns enough time to find a new Executive Vice President.

Ollila was Nokia's CEO for 14 years until 2006, when he stepped down to become the Chairman. Leaving in 2012, Nokia has more than enough time to make a hire—but will they choose the right person? Some have doubted whether Elop has the experience to lead Nokia through this difficult patch.

Despite announcing they sell 260,000 phones a day, something is definitely sour at Nokia. There were no MeeGo announcements at their annual Nokia World conference today, just three pretty ordinary Symbian phones. Something's got to change—and fast—and I've a feeling it's got to be Android. [WSJ via PaidContent]




Hey everyone, this might be good news!


If they are swapping lots of management, maybe Nokia will know...

CONSIDER ANDROID?'s a long shot. but hey,


Lets hope!

Just because Nokia has a vested interested in Symbian and Navteq(?) Maps. They must obviously see that even if they do start to sell and market Android Nokia phones, they will be MAKING PROFIT.

It won't necessarily mean their own Symbian line will be pushed out. After all if the Symbian lines doesn't sell as well as the (fictional) Android line, I don't think it'll sell any better as it is.

Besides they can always market Symbian as a rival to RIMS blackberry for the Enterprise market since they like to boost about it's business adaptability!

Also, if more Nokia phones are sold because of Android the awareness and market share PR in their phones will be significantly greater.

As all information shows, a majority of consumers choose phone manufacturer on the hardware first, then the perceived functionality from the OS as EXTRA (and usually mistaken as part of the hardware ability).

While admittedly market awareness of Android OS is far below that of Apple's, it's market awareness and brand identity is growing far faster then that of poor Symbian or...god forbid, Meego....

Well, that's my £0.20p