VR Music Visualizers Are Like Tripping Without Drugs

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Look at that picture above. Seriously, have an intense little stare. You’re probably already a little spaced out. Now imagine what would happen if you strapped that picture to your face, and coupled it with equally immersive music.

That’s the future being promised by Harmonix Music VR, aka the Windows XP music equalizer, brought into the modern age. It’s a “wonderfully weird” virtual reality equalizer built for Sony’s Morpheus VR platform, half as a tech exercise for Harmonix (the original developers of Guitar Hero), and half because why the hell not.

The visualizer will have a bunch of different worlds to suit your musical tastes, but the aim is the same with all of them: to give you an environment to isolate yourself from the outside world, and become fully immersed in music. I can’t lie, it looks pretty damn awesome — and, more to the point, makes me even more excited for what clever people are going to be able to do with VR technology.


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