Illustration for article titled VR Treadmill Makes Running Indoors Feel Like Running Outdoors

This extremely fancy treadmill puts in a whole lot of effort to make you feel like you're running outside when you, in actuality, aren't. While it'd be easy to cynically joke about how people hate the sun so much that they're devising ways to pretend to run outside, this is clearly designed for physical therapy in hospitals. But really, what makes me interested in it is the potential to put something completely different up on that screen. Like a video game.

Why not allow people to jog through, say, the underwater city of Rapture from BioShock? Sure, a country dirt road in the summertime might be nice, but when you can put anything at all up there you might as well think outside the box. And if you can make running on a treadmill feel like a video game, maybe, just maybe you'll be able to get a whole new group of people into exercising. And that wouldn't be something even the biggest cynics could make fun of. Much. [New Launches via Ubergizmos]


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