Vudu Testing Blu-ray Quality "HDX" Flicks

Illustration for article titled Vudu Testing Blu-ray Quality "HDX" Flicks

Apparently some Vudu beta testers are being asked to check out new HD downloads that are supposed to match Blu-ray quality. These new HDX flicks are so data heavy, you've gotta wait two to three hours just for the flick to start. This actually jibes with what we heard a few months ago-that Vudu was looking at offering two tiers of HD movies, though there's no guarantee that this is anything more than market research. That's a long time to wait for a quality (and likely, price) bump that your average Joe probably wouldn't be able to tell distinguish from their standard HD stuff. [Engadget]


Sorry for vudo, but netflix is GOD in the hearts of movie lovers. Roku pretty much sealed the deal. Love the porn though. HD porn sounds even better.