Vulocity Mileage Logger Keeps Track of You for Good or Ill

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For those who save big tax bucks writing off mileage, sometimes keeping all those paper records of how many miles you've traveled is a huge pain in the ass. Vulocity Mileage Logger takes care of that for you with the flip of a switch. Using GPS, it keeps track of your location and counts the miles, and then sends that info via wireless data network to its servers. Then, you can download your travel records from anywhere.

At $250 for the GPS receiver/wireless transmitter and $15 a month, it's not a trivial expense, but get your boss to pay for it and save yourself tons of trouble. Let's just hope this can't be hacked, allowing the chief to track your clandestine side trips to the No-Tell Motel.


Product Page [Vulocity, LLC]

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