At this year's Game Developer's conference, Vuzix has unveiled a headset with a new feature that should be very interesting for gamers—especially fans of co-op FPS titles. The iWear AV920-C is capable of accepting video from anything with a composite video out and displaying it on the internal 640x480 LCDs. That's equivalent to viewing a 62-inch display viewed from 9-feet away—but that is not even the most interesting part. The folks at Vuzix had FPS fans in mind when they included technology in the AV920-C that allows gamers to connect up to 4 headsets in a daisy chain to a single console.

That means users can engage in 4 player co-op splitscreen games with each headset displaying only their specific in-game view. So, peeking in on what your opponent is doing while playing a co-op FPS would be a thing of the past. If that sounds cool, you won't have to wait long to get your hands on one. The device is expected to be released later this month for a price that has yet to be determined. [Vuzix via IGN]