Wait, Is Isla Fisher What We Think She Is on Wolf Like Me?

Peacock's new series co-stars Josh Gad, and the trailer hints Fisher's character might be a universal monster.

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Josh Gad and Isla Fisher about to kiss on their new rom-com series Wolf Like Me.
Josh Gad and Isla Fisher in the Peacock show Wolf Like Me.
Screenshot: Peacock/YouTube

The premise seems rom-com enough: two adults literally crash into each other then quickly form a friendship followed by romance. But one has a secret. A very big secret. And the show’s title makes it seem like this rom-com blends some other genres too. Maybe even horror.

The show in question is called Wolf Like Me and it debuts on Peacock January 13. Josh Gad (Frozen, Beauty and the Beast) stars as Gary, a man with a young daughter named Emma he can’t quite get control of. That changes when they get into a car accident with Mary, played by Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers, Arrested Development). Mary has a certain way with Emma and things seem to be going well with Mary and Gary’s budding romance. Until, well, check out this trailer. Especially the ending.

Yes, that trailer absolutely ends with Mary locking herself in some kind of cage or fortified room and Gary looking at her in shock. That, along with all the talk of “wolves inside us” certainly suggests that maybe, possibly, Mary is a werewolf.


Could she be other things? Oh, without a doubt. In fact, the rest of the trailer is very careful not to lean into any sci-fi, fantasy, or horror elements. Almost everything is bright, sunny, and inviting, even when the topic is a young girl’s trauma. And yet watch the trailer with the seed of possibility that Mary is a werewolf and it all just seems to fit. She’s running away at dusk. Her husband mysteriously died. Did she rip him to shreds? Seems possible!

We have not yet see the show so we don’t know if any of this is true but it would be kind of amazing if it was. Add to it that Wolf Like Me was created and directed by Abe Forsythe, who did the 2019 Lupita Nyong’o genre film Little Monsters. That also starred Josh Gad and brought genre elements into an otherwise familiar scenario.


Wolf Like Me debuts all six of its 30-minute episodes on Peacock January 13. What do you think Mary’s secret is?

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