Waking Up Will Suck Less With This Ambient Light Alarm Clock

Waking up to a blaring horn sucks, which is why many people use ambient light alarm clocks that gradually get brighter to ease themselves into consciousness. Want to wake up to a calming light and the soothing voices of Morning Edition anchors? JBL's Horizon Bluetooth Clock has you covered.

The $100 clock is a lovely little combo gadget. In addition to the wake-up light, the clock also has a built-in FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity so that you can play jams off your phone. Additionally, the clock has a back-up battery system so that you won't miss your alarm in the event that power goes out overnight.


I hate alarm clocks and I rarely use mine these days because my phone has become my de facto waker upper. But for $100, this speaker packs a lot of value into your nightstand.

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