Waleli's GSM Doorbell Links Your Door to Your Phone

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

If you're tired of forgetting your keys—or your roommates forgetting their keys—get the GSM doorbell and you'll never have to worry again. It mounts onto your door, and when rung, calls a pre-programmed number. Punch in a key-code in your phone and the door unlocks automatically. Never get up from your chair again.


Also, this new version lets you call the device to unlock it directly without having to ring the bell. You can phone your door as you approach your home so it's unlocked when you get there. This sounds pretty damn convenient if we don't have to spring for a calling plan for the doorbell.

Product Page [GSM Doorbell via Textually]


Hi, my name is tyler Ward. I invinted this device in early 2005. I also patented the technology and the application. I am happy to see my invention in the marketplace. Sadly though, i will be persuing legal intervention with this company via my patent attorney. My device was origanily was name CELLBELL, but the bell family didnt want me using their name. so as of now i have been calling it DOORCELL. My device is mounted on the front door replacing the doorbell. my device is camera capable. its as if this company researched my patent and went out and produced this device overseas. Kudos to them, but i hold the US patent. So what is the point of this comment. The point is I will soon be a very rich man... if anyone has any questions contact me at tylerjward06@hotmail.com