This past Saturday, people from all over the world gathered for an event known as the Great Saunter: a 12-hour walk around Manhattan's perimeter. The 32-mile pilgrimage in the midst of spring's bloom brought us through 20 waterfront parks, a surprise farmer's market, underneath historic bridges, and within parting and welcoming gazes of the Statue of Liberty.

The Saunter's challenges are as diverse as Manhattan, taking many forms and surprising you around every corner. Scroll through these 25 images and watch the island veer from city to nearly scenic serenity, and back to city again. It began at Fraunces Tavern, downtown in the Financial District, next to Wall St (shown above). [The Great Saunter]

It quickly brought you out to Battery Park, within view of Jersey City.

The walk took us past tourists lining up to board ferries to the Statue of Liberty.

Alongside stunning marinas.

We walked in the shadow of Manhattan in the early morning, while the east side of Jersey City soaked in the sun.

Through the lower two-thirds of Manhattan's perimeter, you're constantly reminded of its historic maritime history in the form of long abandoned piers.

Parts of the Hudson River Park can be quite open.

An older participant familiarized himself with the Saunter route at late registration.

A participant taking in the view of piers 92 and 93.

One of the Hudson River's abandoned rail bridges.

A noisy but sparsely populated segment of Riverside Park.

New York City's public work's department hard at work, next to a salt reserve.

One of New York City's major arteries, the George Washington Bridge.

A very empty trail in Inwood Hill Park.

The underbelly of the Henry Hudson bridge.

Participants rest at the Saunter's halfway point outside Inwood Hill Park.

The Inwood Greenmarket, offering nourishment aside from New York's persistent and ever-present bodegas.

Graffiti artist enjoying the weather in Inwood.

The George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and High Bridges all within sight of the noisy Harlem River Park.

Sanitation trucks around 140th st in Harlem.

Ward's Island Bridge viewed from the Bobby Wagner Walkway along the East River.

Looking back towards the Queensboro Bridge from the East River Promenade.

Participants within sight of the Williamsburg Bridge along the East River Promenade.

Finishing just before dusk, just as the weather starts taking a turn for the worse in this view down Water Street.

Exhausted Saunterers being photographed with their certificates of completion.