Walking Around This Interactive Room Is a Nightmarish Drug Trip Without the Drugs

When you strap on a virtual reality headset, your body has a constant (heavy) reminder that what you’re seeing isn’t real. But what happens when virtual reality spills out into the real world? This tech-filled room is able to warp and bend reality making you feel like you’re tripping on drugs you don’t remember taking.


Designed and built by a creative studio named THÉORIZ, the mixed reality room uses a tracking system to keep tabs on someone’s movements as they walk around the space. That data is processed in real-time to allow video projectors on the ceiling to create virtual floors and walls that appear to come to life in response to movements, without a person having to wear a revealing body suit, or a clunky pair of goggles.

This is the virtual reality experience we all really want, but if you thought an Oculus Rift setup was expensive...

[Vimeo via Coudal]


Die Fledermaus von Gotham

I feel like part of this has to be fake. There’s no way to create an image from a projector floating in air. I get that some of them are perspective tricks, and those appear to be real. It’s when they go through the door that has me thinking that there’s some trickery. There’s simply no way to use a projector to project an image into thin air. Projectors require a surface to reflect the light. No matter what kind of tracking and how expensive the projector it just can’t be done.