Walmart Gadget Doorbusters Might Save Black Friday

Illustration for article titled Walmart Gadget Doorbusters Might Save Black Friday

The trifecta is complete: Best Buy and Circuit City's Black Friday ads are weak, disgustingly disappointing sauce, leaving it up to Walmart to save Black Friday. CNN Money gives us the first peek at the ad Walmart plans to reveal Nov. 24, and reveals that there's still hope since it's happily gadget heavy, with perhaps the most promising loot yet. To start, there's a 50-inch Samsung plasma HDTV for $800, Xbox 360 with Guitar Hero III and wireless guitar for $200 (likely the Arcade, but still, nice), $128 Blu-ray player, $400 HP desktop and assorted other gadget goodness. If that's all, it would blow, but CNN implies there's more where that came from. I hope so, because it'll take some miraculous deals to suck me into that circle of hell. [CNN Money]



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