Illustration for article titled Walmart Offers $100 Gift Card With Any BlackBerry Purchase on November 14th - 21st

You'll be getting a shiny $100 gift card if you buy any BlackBerry device through Walmart during the week of November 14th. The deal's valid both in stores and online with the usual catch of a 2-year contract applying.


Walmart's BlackBerry selection includes:

* AT&T Curve 8310
* AT&T Bold 9000
* Sprint Curve 8330 (Red & Titanium colors)
* T-Mobile 8520 (Black, White, and Frost)
* T-Mobile Pearl 8120 (Emerald)
* Verizon Storm
* Verizon Storm II


So, if any of those phones are on your "must buy" list, then this'll be a good week for it. Keep in mind that while you'll get the gift card immediately with an in store purchase, online shoppers will wait four to six week for the gift cards to arrive in the mail. [Walmart]

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