Walmart's Grand Anti-Amazon Strategy: Drive-Thru

The epic retail struggle of our time, brick and mortar and yellow smileys versus, um, internets—Walmart and Amazon. Sam Walton's blue behemoth roars with lower pricing. But now it has a new kill tactic: Drive-through. Wait, what?

Yes, according to the WSJ, Walmart's new anti-Amazon strategy is a drive-through window to pick up stuff that you order online. See, Walmart says you have to wait for the mailman when you order from Amazon, and people, well, they just hate waiting. Why not just order it online, then drive yourself to the store and pick up your TV like fast food? You know, rather than letting the Fedex dude deliver it directly to your welcome mat, where it requires all the effort of slinking off your couch and crawling the 15 feet to your door. Hmmmmm.


I'd be curious to see Best Buy's in-store pickup numbers, since they've been doing it for a long time, though as appealing a sympton of the American condition as this is, I kinda doubt it's gonna take a chunk out of Amazon. [WSJ, Image via Roadside Pictures/Flickr]

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