Want To Replace Your Bank? Use This

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The bank-less service you've never heard of but should know about, Simple, finally has an Android app.

The new Simple app for Android comes nearly a year after the launch of the iOS version and was built from the ground up in collaboration with Two Toasters, the same dev shop behind GateGuru and Airbnb's apps. Like the iOS app that came before it, you can deposit checks by snapping a photo with your smartphone. Another neat feature of the hybrid banking service, includes the "Safe-to-Spend balance" that simply shows you how much dough you have to spend that isn't allocated towards existing goals, future payments or pending transactions. You can even find all the ATMs around you or set up recurring and one time payments through the app.


Think of Simple as a hybrid of Mint and your existing bank but with only the good stuff, like goal oriented spending and depositing checks with your smartphone. I just started using it but more on that later. Unfortunately, for now, the service is still invite only but sign up here if you're interested. [Simple via Two Toasters]