Warp Pipe to Comment Accounts and Troll Slaying

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Look here, we're still getting requests for comment accounts. What if I told you there was a secret warp pipe to hooking yourself up without bothering us?

That's right, you can! Just walk your cheetos-covered hands over to a post, and log comment at the bottom of the page along with the user and password of your choosing. And wash your hands, please. Yes, it's just that easy to submit your precious words and get on our VIP-commenter list.


Wait, did we say easy? We meant it's still hard.

We're not leting any old crap through the gate, so make that first comment your Sunday best if you want an ongoing account. By best, we mean smart, funny, mouthy, and informed. Comments that look like your AIM banter will be deleted with extreme prejudice, accounts will be suspended without pay, and NO SOUP FOR YOU.


Having said that, the comments these days are pretty damn funny and insightful. If you've got something good to write, go ahead. We'd love to pretend to have time to read em.