WASP Knife Will Freeze and Blow Up Your Organs

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Add this to my "Things to hyperventilate over" list: British police are on the lookout for something called a WASP Knife, a weapon that injects a ball of compressed gas into its victim that then expands to the size of a basketball, instantly freezing and exploding their internal organs. The blade, which was designed to help hunters and divers bring down large wild animals quickly, could possibly be bought on the internet by serial killing-minded crooks. Look at what it does to a watermelon!

The WASP website states "the effects of the compressed gas not only cause overinflation during ascent when used underwater, but also freezes all tissues and organs surrounding the point of injection on land or at sea." It's like a freeze ray out of a superhero movie... Only it's real, and thus infinitely scarier. Somebody hold me. [UK Daily Mail via Technabob]

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@TheDormouse: That's only true to a point... If you're not stabbed in a vital organ or in a major blood vessel, you can survive quite a while. I mean, granted, they could, you know... *keep* stabbing you, and that would present more problems...

But a lot of people survive stab wounds. It's part of why our murder rate has continued to decrease ^_^ now they're just aggravated assaults!

With this weapon... one stab, one blast, you're probably dead w/in the next 30 seconds.

Holy hell. Just thinking about what that could do to a person's guts frightens me a little.