Watch a bunch of kitchen sponges get transformed into a bowl

Even if the entire world says you can’t do something, even if you yourself think it might be impossible, and even if it sounds totally crazy to do, with enough effort and skill and talent and tools and hard work, you can do it. That’s the lesson of this video where Kevin of krtwood turns a bunch of kitchen sponges into a real, legit bowl (with the help of epoxy resin). It’s really fun to see him take tools typically reserved for woodworking and use them on the flimsy, squishy kitchen sponges.


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He gets credit for doing it the hard way. He could have lined a bowl with plastic wrap, put in the sponge pieces, and then used another bowl coated in plastic wrap to form the shape of the inside of the sponge bowl.

It’s one of the techniques chefs use when making a pastry bombe. You use brownies to line a bowl, then line the lining with ice cream and use another bowl to force it into the brownies, then freeze again. It leaves you with a bowl made of brownies lined with frozen ice cream. Easy (a little tedious) to do. Not so easy to describe.