Watch a Competitive Lockpicker Who Truly Loves Locks Talk About Locks

If you were curious about how locks work and/or curious about what kind of person is a competitive lockpicker (as in they pick locks for sport) meet Schuyler Towne. He's completely obsessed with locks and loves to talk about 'em.

In his own words, he says the smell of brass and grease is invigorating to him. And he's 100% serious! I love the guy's passion, when you see him talk about competitive lockpicking, you'd believe it's a sport like any other. More informatively though, Towne describes how master keys work (something I was always curious about!) saying it's because of master wafers and shear lines. Right. Luckily, there's illustrations you can follow throughout the video.

Watch the video though, I wish I can love something as much as Schuyler Towne loves locks. [YouTube via BoingBoing


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My college put on a great open-forum lock-picking class for a few evenings. I felt like such a badass. It's only for fun tho, and not just because locks merely symbolize privacy; we typically just broke doors that we couldn't get into. Foot, elbow, fist, axe, chair... The beauty of living in a fraternity full of engineers: "Damn, the door is locked, looks like we're going to have to replace the whole door." "Why?! What's wrong with the door?" "Can't you see? It's completely destroyed, three seconds from right now."

It reminds me how much I like doing things previously in my future's past...