Watch a Dad's Special Effects Turn Playtime Into Crazy Action Scenes

The world's best Dad-who-is-also-pretty-good-with-Adobe-AfterEffects is back with a brand new batch of cutscenes to turn his lucky kid into the most adorable action hero this side of baby Groot.


Between blasting UFOs out of the window of a car to starring in a Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robot's scene that is at least 50 times better than Real Steel, Action Movie Kid has a few more solid scenes to add to his clip reel. Who needs to waste time just playing pretend when you can skip right to "acting for the green screen"?

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Ugh...and it's an ad for Nissan. I don't know why, but for some reason when people try to be "clever" about being a shill it just annoys me more. Like, don't be cute with it, because it just makes it seem like you're trying to trick us into not thinking it's simply an ad for Nissan. I'd much rather, at the end, they go "Thanks to Nissan for sponsoring my video" and that's it. Don't try to be like, "They sponsored, so I don't have to have an ad, and that's cool". No. It's not. At all.