Watch a GoPro camera fall out of a plane and land smack in a pigpen

Here's a crazy story. A GoPro camera falls out of a plane, travels hundreds of feet to the ground, and lands in a pig pen. Eight months later, a random person finds said GoPro, footage intact. It's worth watching.

I have so many questions about this video. Number one, is it fake? Number two, did the GoPro fall out of the plane or was it thrown. Number three, why does it look so weird when it's falling? Does the frame rate actually match up with the spin? Why didn't the camera break when it hits the ground? Is that pig at the end seriously trying to eat a GoPro?

So many questions…

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Rolling shutter or "the jello effect" is the reason it looks so funny. The read out from the CMOS sensor of the camera is not instantaneous. It is the same effect that goes on in slit scan photography.