Watch a Horrifying Westworld Cyborg Be Built By the Internet's Worst Robot Designer

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Before Westworld’s Dr. Ford and Bernard were entertaining us with their impressive cyborg cowboys, Simone Giertz was delighting the internet with her equally unimpressive and catastrophic robotic creations. So what happens when Giertz tries her hand at building a Westworld automaton? Let’s just say season two is going to be extra memorable.

Admittedly, we haven’t gotten confirmation from HBO that Giertz’s robot will be in the next season of Westworld, or any season of the show (catch up on season one here!). With a moving mouth, working arms, and a rolling platform that would probably need to be digitally erased in post-production, Sim Two, as Giertz dubbed her robot, could be used in a flashback sequence where Robert and Bernard are still working out the kinks on their cyborgs. Take a look at the horror... if you dare.

One thing’s for certain, though: if you thought watching Dolores gain sentience was creepy, imagine this thing deciding that humanity needed to be eliminated.