Watch a Knife Attached to a Rocket Going 150 MPH Slice The Hell Out of Meat and Fruit

Now this is some fun times. The Backyard Scientist strapped a kitchen knife to some homemade sugar rockets, put it on a track sprayed with graphite lubricant so it could murdercut things while zooming down at 150MPH, and then put various sliceable items on the other end to reach their imminent doom (for our infinite viewing pleasure).

A whole chicken, a chuck roast, a toy car, a pineapple and all sorts of other fruits got sliced in half before you could even realize what happened. The rocket knife flies down in a blinding fury and then the next thing you know, everything just slides apart because it got cut the hell up. It’s so easy to chop things up with a rocket knife that you don’t even see it happen.

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I’m not sure about the Backyard “scientist” name. Maybe Backyard “Guy-with too-much-disposable-income-and-very-understanding-neighbors-and-lax-local-safety-ordances”?