Microsoft exec Michael Angiulo had a pretty good day today: Microsoft Surface, an awesome product he helped make and introduce, opened up for pre-orders and this beyond awesome rap he did with rapper Too Short for his 40th birthday came out to the public. This guy is my new favorite technology executive.

And it's not even close. Angiulo hits every single lyric of Too Short's song 2 Bitchez. And, um, the lyrics aren't exactly everyday language for a Microsoft executive. They include things like *EARMUFFS please*:

I took 2 bitches to a hotel, I told em both "you know I won't tell"
Bitch, curiosity killed the cat, You gotta lick the clit while I hit it from the back


Yeah, the whole song is like that. It's great. Angiulo's wife actually planned Michael's (he probably needs a rapper name. M'Angiulo? Mikey Microsoft? Mike Crow Not Soft? Discuss) 40th birthday and was the one who got Too Short to come out to the Seattle bar where this was filmed (it cost 25k). Angiulo deserves an exec of the year award for this performance and Angiulo's wife definitely scores some wife of the year points for planning the whole party.

But seriously, I'm impressed at how much of the song Angiulo knows. Too Short is impressed. Hell, the entire technology world is impressed. You keep doing your think Mike Crow Not Soft. And be sure to invite us to your 41st birthday party. [TMZ via Grantland]