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Watch a Real Life Version of Aquaman's Trident Get Made

Considering all the complicated weapons that Man at Arms has made in the past, I thought forging Aquaman’s Trident of Neptune would be relatively easy for them. But then I realized that Aquaman’s trident is actually more of a quincident since it has five points welded together and that making all those individual harpoon points from metal and then welding them together and then sanding it down is a hell of a lot of work. But it’s totally worth it for such a beast of a weapon.


Man at Arms re-created the trident from the upcoming Justice League movie version of Aquaman and not from the comic book, which means it looks much more like darkened steel than shiny gold.


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Aquaman with a trident

And this is Aquaman with a pentadent

Do you see the difference? A trident has 3 prongs. A pentadent has 5. That man is crafting a pentadent.