Watch All 13 Saturn V Rocket Launches in One Jaw-Dropping Video

The Saturn V is the tallest, heaviest, and most powerful rocket humans have ever built. In 13 missions, it took 24 astronauts beyond earth's orbit, including all 12 who ever set foot on the moon, without a single loss of life. Watch in awe as its entire career launches before you.


Once again, it's the audio in this mashup that gets my heart racing. News legend Walter Cronkite, covering the first unmanned Saturn V test launch in November 1967, can barely contain his giddy exhilaration as the rocket takes flight β€” the launch was powerful enough to knock down ceiling tiles and nearly blow out the blast window in his observation room three miles away. "The roar is terrific!" he wails, 120db of noise and fury swirling around him. 46 years later, it still is. [lunarmodule5, Apollo 4, Saturn V]


Very cool. One of the few things I did right in my youth was going to see the Apollo 14 launch in person. I was at Jetty Park just south of the cape, about 5 miles from the launch pad. You could feel a strong vibration in your chest even that far away. There was cloud cover so people closer to the pad only saw the rocket climb for a few seconds before it was lost in the cloud. I was far enough away to see it come out the top of the cloud, and fly downrange out of sight. It was an amazing experience.