Watch All of Kim Dotcom's Totally Ludicrous Mega Launch Event

For those of you who couldn't be bothered to haul yourselves out of bed in a (presumably drunken) stupor at 2:30 EST just to get a taste of the totally insanity that we all knew Kim Dotcom's Mega launch event would offer, good news. It's on YouTube and it's insane.


It's got techno, helicopter landings, techno, tribal dances, techno, back flips, techno, super lofty speeches from Dotcom himself, and did I mention the techno? Now it's worth keeping in mind that this is pretty flagrantly propaganda and Dotcom is definitely using the whole spectacle to try and set himself up as some kind of altruistic "hero of the people" or something, but all that aside, man is it something to see. It's a bit long at about an hour and a half, but at least scrub through the videos for the highlights. You won't see a press conference quite like this for a while, if ever again.


Denver is too damn high

Does anyone actually care?