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Watch an NBA Player Dunk an iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 looks to be sturdier than its delicate baby glass predecessor, but all of these drop tests are dodging one crucial question: can the Knicks' 6-foot-5 point guard use it as a basketball?


Iman Shumpert finally answers what's surely stopping a lot of people from upgrading. And the answers is ugly. In short, don't use your iPhone 5 as a basketball. It doesn't really work well. It won't bounce. If, however, you can dunk, going to a public park and slamming an iPhone 5 is a pretty awesome display of conspicuous consumption.


But it also helps to have an NBA salary.

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I don't get it... You guys get your panties in a bunch, write stories like this:

but yet you put out stories about microwaving the new iPhone 5, shooting them with high-powered rifles, and show videos on Shump dunking (hey Shump, how about practicing with a ball. The BKNets got your number; I can say this as I'm a Knick fan, sadly) one ans smashing it to pieces.

It's like you guys are talking out of both ends...