First iPhone 5 Drop Tests: Very Sturdy! (But Still Shatters)

You might be longing to fondle your new iPhone 5 lovingly, but there are people out there who just want to break them—as a public service, of course. The first iPhone 5 drop tests are starting to come in, and as painful as they may be to watch, the new iPhone holds up remarkably well against punishment, notably better than its predecessor.


In fact, both tests show that you basically have to actively try to break your phone to cause any serious damage. It also, for what it's worth, holds up much better than the Galaxy S III (below). That's no excuse to start throwing your iPhone 5 around like a $200 on-contract football, but you can rest assured that this year's model isn't made of glass, literally or figuratively. [iFixYouri, Android Authority]



Whenever I see someone take a key or box cutter to their iPhone and it emerges unscathed, I wonder if I'm unknowingly carrying bits of diamond in my pockets as I still manage to get micro scratches even though I'm careful to never keep anything in the same pocket as my phone O_0