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Watch As This Map Tracks the Whales Swimming Around Hawaii

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Would you rather be swimming off the coast of Hawaii right now? You aren't alone, and I can't get you there—but your imagination and the Smartmine Whale Tracking map can!

This interactive animated map was put together by the earth sciences and tech company GeoEngineers using data from the Cascadia Research group. It lets you follow sperm, beaked, false killer, and pigmy killer whales around the islands, while projecting wind and ocean currents. You can even choose to stalk an individual whale.

The map isn't without its glitches, though—unless, as it's reporting right now, there's a secret whale tunnel underneath Honolulu. Nonetheless, it's amazing to see how the whale's tracks match up with the ocean currents as they happen. [Smartmine]