Watch Dean Kamen's Prosthetic 'Luke' Arm Be Awesome at the Grocery Store

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I can hardly walk through a grocery store aisle without clumsily knocking something over. An amputee equipped with Dean Kamen's incredible, shoe-controlled prosthetic arm, however, selects produce with grace. It's enough to make you forget about the Segway.

Putting away small bags and squeezing oranges demonstrates just how sophisticated the device is—we take that stuff for granted, but when you think about it, these tasks do demand some motor skill finesse. And finesse isn't something you usually associate with robots. But Kamen's prosthetic arm shows how, eventually, losing a limb won't mean losing the ability to handle the mundane, normal stuff you would have done when you had the arm. And that is seriously great. [Boing Boing]