Watch Giant Robots Punch In Higher Definition Than Ever Before

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When Toshiba stopped making HD-DVDs a few months back, many industry insiders wondered just who had benefited from the high definition format wars. While many pointed fingers at Sony, whose Blu-ray friendly PS3 may have tipped the scales in favor of the violet-themed disc, we here at io9 are proud to announce that the true winner of HD-DVD versus Blu-ray was actually... Michael Bay. Admit it. You thought we were going to say "the fans," didn't you? Find out why Bay's over the moons of Cybertron under the jump.


Bay has been bizarrely outspoken about his desire to have Transformers released on Blu-ray since Paramount decided that they were betting on the (wrong) horse known as HD-DVD. When the announcement was made, Bay reacted in the only way he knows how to - Loudly, and in a rather scattershot manner:

For Paramount to deny people who have Blu-ray sucks! They are progressive by having two formats. No 'Transformers 2' for me.

Proving that he's a man of his word, he admitted the next day that he didn't mean it and would "probably" do the Cybertronian sequel after all (He is). Of course, he may simply have been able to see into the future like Thomas Oscar Morrow and discovered that Paramount would, eventually, release a 2-Disc set that he now calls "the complete high-definition package for fans." If you're wondering what that actually means then look no further:

The Blu-ray edition of "Transformers" that [Paramount] is preparing will include extensive extras and special features, including a commentary from Bay and two docus about the film's human and robotic stars. Segments include exec producer Steven Spielberg discussing his love for the franchise and a detailed look at the casting process and real-world weapons provided by the military.

Personally, I'm hoping that Bay's commentary is simply him saying "Man! Look at how sharp that picture is!" over and over again. When asked about the release of the Blu-ray edition of the movie, Bay couldn't resist coming across like a douchebag, commenting:

It looks stunning and really allows you to engage with this movie in new ways... Remember, I told everyone Blu-ray was best.


Okay then, smart guy, tell me how Lost is going to end.

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@boo_radley32: Blue Ray is 1080p where as HD-DVD is 1080i, so in theory the picture could look sharper, as the 1080p means the screen is refreshed twice as fast. However, since movies are typically recorded at 24 fps, it wouldn't make make a difference. The real difference is the blu ray disc has more room, so the extra content is also in High Def, where as with the HD-DVDs, the extras are all standard def.