Watch Guns with Different Types of Ammo Get Shot Underwater in Slow-Mo

By now we all should know the epic water bubble beauty that happens when you shoot a gun underwater. From your typical Glock to AK-47s, the bullet-chasing, self-collapsing water bubble looks more like the gun is shooting mini-nuclear explosions than your typical bullets. But does different types of ammo change the look of each shot? Sort of!


Our friends at RatedRR tested out different types of 9mm ammo—full metal jacket, hollow points, and flex tips—and showed the distance traveled and the damage. My favorite was the full metal jacket bullets which traveled almost twice as much as the hollow point bullets. [RatedRR]


Didn't Mythbusters do an episode regarding shooting fish in a barrel? The shockwave caused major physical damage and killed all the fish even though the bullets never came close to hitting any of the fish. And then later repeated a similar experiment to see if they could create a wave with explosives. They explained that water pressure causes bodies in the water to have less resistance to shock. I've never seen the Mythbusters do anything in the water with bullets, explosives, etc. where they themselves got into the water. They'll put those shock watch patches and Buster everywhere though. That last shot had a large, visible shockwave that warped the camera view in slo-mo. The amount of force there seemed to be significant. And the shooter had no protection on whatsoever to cushion themselves from any shockwaves. Internal organs are squishy and there's not a whole lot protecting the lower abdomen in the body. He needs to be really careful as he scales it up or he'll really injure himself...for science!