Watch Peter Capaldi get embarrassed over his past with Doctor Who fandom

Peter Capaldi's recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show is airing on BBC America this weekend - but right now you can watch the poor actor squirm with embarrassment as Graham dredges up some of Peter's past brushes with Doctor Who fandom.

Ever since he landed the role of the Twelfth Doctor, Capaldi has made no bones about expressing his life-long nature as a dyed-in-the-wool Doctor Who fan. He's done it all, from writing in fanzines to drawing fan art and writing letters to the show's producers as well.


But as you can see in the clip, not all of Peter's geeky outbursts about Doctor Who were entirely pleasant experiences - if the evidence about his teenage self's attempt to usurp leadership of the BBC's official Doctor Who fan club has anything to say about it.

Poor Peter may blush now, but at least he's got something a little bit better than the title of 'Doctor Who Fan Club Secretary' these days: he gets to be The Doctor! That's much cooler.

You can see the rest of Capaldi's interview on The Graham Norton Show this Saturday at 11pm EDT on BBC America.

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