Watch Rick and Morty Shill for Justin Roiland's New Game and Let the Metatextual Crisis Melt Your Brain

So many layers.
So many layers.
Image: Squanch Games/Adult Swim

Rick and Morty traffics in metatexual, multiversal nonsense with the regularity of a human breathing air. But this new skit advertising co-creator Justin Roiland’s new, not-Rick-and-Morty-but-might-as-well-be video game just takes it to a whole new level.


Roiland’s Trover Saves the Universe—a comedy video game in which the player teams up with the titular monster after an assholish villain named Glarkon kidnaps your dogs, jams them in his eye sockets, and uses their life essence to imperil the universe itself—launched on Playstation 4 last week. But to celebrate the game’s launch on PC, the official Rick and Morty twitter account released a brief new skit in which...err, Roiland attempts to shill his own game to himself? Here’s the very silly and rather NSFW video, complete with clickbaity YouTube thumbnail for good measure:

It’s weird, even for Rick and Morty, and of course quickly devolves into the mix of meta humor and cursing that you would expect—first as Rick points out that everyone in Trover Saves the Universe sounds suspiciously like Morty, and then when the fourth wall is fully obliterated and it just becomes Roiland (who voices both Rick and Morty) talking to himself, asking if Dan Harmon had agreed to let him use their creation to sell his new game to Rick and Morty fans.

And that’s even before you get to the implications of Trover Saves the Universe existing as a product within the Rick and Morty universal soup, and your head just starts aching. What does it all mean? Does it mean anything? I’m sure pondering the ramifications alone will help soak up some of those four more months fans have to wait for the next season of Rick and Morty.

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Wait wait wait. Four months till season four? Did I hear that right? Waaaaaat.