Watch superhero power couple Lou Ferrigno and Ed Asner save the world!

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It's like Grumpy Old Men in tights! Behold the first trailer for the short movie Liberator, starring Lou Ferrigno as a retired superhero with a dark past, and Ed Asner as the President of the United States, OBVIOUSLY. Plus watch a WWI soldier zombie ride a boat back home.


We missed you, Lou! Check out the trailer for the Iron Man-esque flick Liberator, which is apparently about superheroes and an angry old Ed Asner. Or you could read this behemoth of a synopsis to find out the real facts (and if you figure them out please explain them to me). Still Liberator doesn't seem to be the kind of movie you need to understand to fully enjoy.

Al Migliocetti (Lou Ferrigno, The Incredible Hulk) has served his country. When the war began, he put aside his football career to sign up for the military. And when the powers-that-be drafted him into the Enhanced Abilities Initiative, he became known as The Liberator. Teamed with a group of "supers" – Sidewinder, Gaia and Volt – Liberator represented the best of America. Or so he thought. He soon found himself doing the government's dirty work – assassinations, regime change, infrastructure sabotage. Through it all, Al followed orders. He was a good soldier.

But when a black op went horribly wrong, Al was thrown under the bus – the fall guy. In the blink of an eye, the Liberator literally went from hero to zero. After serving a decade in federal prison, he emerged a pariah. In the eyes of the public, he was a traitor. That, quite, frankly, he could take. What he couldn't take was his own daughter Sonya (Jessica Jade Andres) hating him.

Determined to set the record straight and win her back, Al pens a tell-all book that draws the ire of his former chief, General Augustus Pollard (Michael Dorn, Star Trek: The Next Generation). Pollard dispenses CIA spook Marla Criswell (Peta Wilson, La Femme Nikita) to investigate. When they realize that Al plans to blow the whistle after all these years, they have no choice but to take him out. After Al battles his way out of a US military contractor's compound, President Whitlock (Ed Asner, Up) declares the Liberator Public Enemy Number One – and sends Al's old teammates (Don "The Dragon" Wilson and Tara Cardinal) to bring him down by any means necessary. But this time, the Liberator is not going down without a fight.


For more information, check out the Liberator website.

Bugs and Heroes

And now for something completely different. Behold Petar Pasic strange little movie Bugs and Heroes, which splices together footage from residents of a strange apartment complex and gorgeous CG visions of the bugs that live in their walls. It's stunning. Thanks to Twitch Film for pointing out this Serbian flick.

‪Mars et Avril‬

Yet another gorgeous trailer for a foreign film we can not wait to see! Quiet Earth debuted the first ever subtitled trailer for the Quebec film, Mars et Avril‬. Here's the full synopsis:

As Man is about to set foot on Mars, a small community of anticybernetics is busy trying to slow down time. Among them is JACOB OBUS (Jacques Languirand), an emblematic and beloved septuagenarian who creates captivating music on instruments inspired by the female body, designed by his friend ARTHUR (Paul Ahmarani). Once Jacob and Arthur fall in love with AVRIL (Caroline Dhavernas), a young and short-winded photographer, the old sex-symbol's true nature is revealed. Upon discovering love for the first time in his life, Jacob leaves for Mars in search of his muse. In the midst of everything arrives EUGÈNE SPAAK (Robert Lepage), inventor, cosmologist and Arthur's father, who maintains that Mars is only a chimera.


And finally here is a short film from Cole Schreiber that follows a zombie vet from World War I as he makes his journey home. To be honest, if I saw a corpse on my cruise ship, I would smash it with a hammer. But then we wouldn't have this creepy, undead love tale.




Liberator was total NSFW. I mean come on guys, you can't not put this disclaimer on these videos.

Totally was Not Suitable For Watching.