Watch the Black Magic Cinema Camera Crush the Canon 5D Mark III's Video Quality

The Black Magic Cinema Camera, if you remember from its surprise announcement this spring, is a $3000 video camera that shoots 12-bit RAW 2.5k video files. No other camera on the market offers this capability at such a low price.

It is clear from the comparison video above, produced by One River Media, that when viewed against the ubiquitous Canon 5D Mark III, the Cinema Camera gushes resolution and dynamic range that the Canon DSLR can only dream of. It's actually quite stunning to see the difference.


The image quality is clearly there, but that's not the whole story; let's not ignore the fact that the Cinema Camera has its fair share of disadvantages. It is not a fantastic low-light camera for one thing. This is where the 5D Mark III really excels. Also, shooting RAW with the Cinema Camera requires a butt-load of hard disk space, and a cumbersome editing workflow. Other issues like the non-removable battery and clunky ergonomics definitely should be taken into account.

But in terms of sheer beauty of the image, this camera packs a punch for an extremely low price. As soon as we have one in our hands, we will bring you more tests and a full review. [Vimeo via No Film School]

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I have to say, I've shot 35mm film for the last 25 years and just recently started Dslr shooting, looking at your test, The 5d looks way more filmic than the Cinema camera. I find the cinema camera's detail is disturbing and not flattering. More isn't always better.