Watch the Formerly-Lost Tim Burton Hansel and Gretel In Its Entirety

On Halloween in 1983, the Disney Channel was brand new and it aired a 35-minute, live-action take on Hansel and Gretel by the then-unknown Tim Burton. And it hasn't been available since.


If you didn't happen to be watching the Disney Channel in 1983 or you didn't make it to one of the museum exhibitions on Burton's work, you were out of luck. Until a tape of it surfaced a few days ago. Now, you too can see Burton's Japanese-inspired film and marvel at its $116,000 budget.

h/t William Wilson



I hope this doesn't make Burton think about revisiting his ancient ideas again ala Frankenweenie. Because as far as I'm concerned, we've already achieved the pinnacle of Hansel & Gretel. There's nowhere else to go but down from this awesome ridiculousness..