Watch The New Year Roll In By Creeping On Strangers' Instagram Pictures

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Thanks to our planet's roundness and the timezones we have to cope with it, the "New Year" isn't just one moment; it's a whole bunch of them. And with Instagram's New Years collection you can watch 29 of them pop off in all their filtered glory.

With this nifty webpage, you can peek at the New Years goings-on of people you've never met in places you've never heard of and see pictures of their fireworks and smiling New Year faces. It's a cool little way to bring all the Instagrammers of the world together as the New Year rolls across the globe, while at the same time shining a light on how arbitrary the big "moment" really is. But hey, champagne and fireworks, right? That's all it takes to make the moment count. [Instagram]

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Another interesting site to troll randoms posting to twitter/instagram/youtube/flickr/picasa - try They use imbedded geolocation tags and you can build custom search areas in the streamer. pretty slick - its near realtime when refreshed.