Watch the slimy conveyor belt way a snail moves

The GIF, which was found on Reddit, is sped up to reveal the mechanics behind how a snail slimes and glides and smooths its way over a surface. The body roll looks like a conveyor belt and is both gross and a weird sort of beautiful. Cool party trick.

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Fascinating. Wow! I used to grow the Helix Aspersa brown snails in an old home made screen topped 100 gal. glass aquarium at the beach house in S. Cal.

Those suckers get HUGE (on corn meal and home grown lettuce side-cuts), they multiply incredibly quickly, and are extremely tasty as escargot. (Fine dining alert: They are the exact same species as the $$$$$+ ones from France and are super easy to prepare.)

Never thought to do a slow-mo vid of them moving along the glass case though. Freakin-amazing. Thanks Casey. XLNT.