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Watch the Spellbinding Process of How Nikon Makes Its Lenses

It's a work of art. The magnificently choreographed dance of manufacturing lenses seems like an ancient tradition as old as making swords or soap or something (which I guess isn't surprising because it is glass that they're making). We've seen Nikon produce the glass inside its lenses but this video shows the entire lens making process—you see sand basically become a Nikkor lens. Incredible. [Nikon Imaging via PetaPixel]


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As someone who has been using and buying Nikon cameras and lenses for 40 years, its a great pleasure to see the people who create such magnificent products. So many Nikon lenses have a personality and a history attached to them, these are the people that give those things life, these folks are why the 28mm, 40mm macro, 50mm, 55mm macro, 105mm, 105mm macro, 200mm and of course the 6mm fisheye have me so hooked on Nikon. The camera is the platform the lens is the app, for me its perfection. I have read for a few years about the legendary history of another camera company's lenses, they make good lenses, but they don't make the 105, or the new 40mm macro or any of the other famous Nikon lenses. Its as if people don't understand Nikon, Nikon sets the standard. When it comes to shooting motion picture film or video I am a German nut, Zeiss or nothing, but there is more to a still lens then uber sharpness, Nikon is all over that. Nikon is not a point and shoot monster, they are an artisanal camera and lens maker, they are exceptional.

I know you can get good results from many different camera/lens maker, but you cant get the 28mm, 40mm macro, 50mm, 55mm macro, 105mm, 105mm macro, 200mm or the 6mm fisheye or any of a number of zooms and tele lenses like the Nikon lenses. Perhaps if you had some of the people in this video you might eventual get an original lens that had the depth and the longevity of a fantastic creative tool, but only Nikon has these people, that counts for a lot.