Watch this Band Play with Killer Gunmetal Instruments

Confiscated weapons are always destroyed, but that doesn't mean the wreckage can't be used for something. Artist Pedro Reyes took the remains of 6,700 guns—many of which had probably seen some action—and used their dismembered parts to build instruments for a makeshift gunmetal orchestra.


The instruments were all constructed out of pistols, shotguns, and even automatic weapons and then used to play a rendition of "Imagine." They're currently on display in Istanbul until December 12th, but chances are you won't be able to go see them there. You can hear them in action in the video above, and while they're not the most in tune instruments you've ever heard, but they're not bad enough to do any moral harm, at least not anymore. [TreeHugger]

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Dr.Nemmo and his time-travelling submarine

I was expecting someone to melt the guns, put the molten metal in a mold, let it cool and after polishing, seeing some kind of awesome metal guitar coming out of it. Not this pseudo-hippy junk-collecting stuff.

And I'm against guns.