Watch This Sesame Street-Beastie Boys Mashup and Start Your Weekend With a Smile

You know your Friday is going to be awesome when you hit play on a video and the first thing you see is Groover playing the initial notes of the Beastie Boys' Sure Shot on a flute. Rock on!


I'm so happy we live in this digital era, where anyone with talent and vision can pick two existing pieces of work and create something as wonderful as this video using off-the-self software and hardware. Or this amazing mash up of Thin Lizzy and The Pixies.

Just a few years ago, this was completely unthinkable for anyone without loads of money, very expensive and slow turnkey video editing solutions, and access to the original video materials. Now, everything is readily available to almost everyone.

It reminds me of the explosion of impressionist painters after industrial oil painting production started, opening the doors to cheap art supplies to the likes of Paul_Cézanne, Monet, Seurat or Van Gogh. When you make the point of entry so cheap and accessible, there's going to be a lot of crap like Rebecca Black. But you will get a lot more geniuses doing things like these.

And sure, it's not the Water Lilies, but it made me feel joy today. [Vimeo via Devour via Kottke]


Who are the Beasty Boys? Are they like the Beastie Boys?