Watching 275,000 Dominos Fall Is Mesmerizingly Addictive

It starts with one domino. It branches off into different lines. It ends with 272,297 dominos being toppled over. It sounds like a cross between a snake hissing and an annoying morning alarm. It's mesmerizing. It's hypnotic. It's 10 minutes long. It's worth watching over and over. It's world record breaking for dominos toppled in a spiral. It's made by Sinners Domino Entertainment in Germany. It's insane. [Sinners Domino Entertainment via The Awesomer]


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According to the YouTube video page:

277,275 Dominoes / 272,297 Dominoes toppled

How either of those numbers turned into the video lead of 275,000 I don't understand. I guess split the difference between what you wanted and what you got?