Watching a Man Sting Himself With the Most Painful Insect on Earth Will Give You Nightmares

What’s a few minutes of internet fame worth to you? Would you eat something gross? Would you risk your life flying down a mountain in a wingsuit? Or would you go so far as to let a bullet ant—the insect with the most painfully potent venom on Earth—purposely bite you?


The feeling of getting bitten by a bullet ant, which sits at the top of the Schmidt sting pain index, has been compared to the feeling of being shot, with burning, throbbing, and intense pain that can last for a full 24 hours. That’s how it got the name ‘bullet’ ant, and why Brave Wilderness’ host Coyote Peterson must be completely out of his mind.

The real nightmare starts at around the 13-minute mark, if you just want to watch a grown man scream in agony.

[YouTube via Laughing Squid]


Professor Dog

Fun anecdote about the Bullet Ant (and by fun I mean torturous and not fun at all)

There’s a Brazillian tribe that requires being stung by Bullet Ants as part of their ritual to manhood:

Oh but not just one Bullet Ant. No my friends, try this on for size:

Boys as young as 12 years old must gather bullet ants from the forest, which are then used to make ant-ridden gloves. The young men wear the gloves 20 times for 10 minutes, performing a dance while those angry insects sting them. As National Geographic points out in its video about the ceremony, the bullet ant’s sting is supposed to be 30 times more painful than that of a bee, and each of those gloves contain dozens of ants.