Water Bottle Blaster Takes Down Walls, I Wish My Water Cooler Did That

There are lots of creative alternate uses for office supplies, including makeshift weaponry, but I can't imagine that any of them are as destructive as this Wall Blaster that uses pneumatics to devastate brick walls with water cooler bottles.


It's one of the latest tools designed to deal with terrorist threats and hostage situations, providing access to buildings and fortified structures without the use of explosives which send debris flying in all directions. Instead, pneumatics are used to launch a fifty pound water cooler bottle at speeds of up to 984 feet per second. Upon impact the bottle shatters spraying water everywhere, allowing entry teams to be closer as the point of entry is created, minimizing their response time.

As demonstrated in the video, you can actually stand remarkably close to the point of impact without also being disintegrated by the blast, a thrill I'm happy to never experience. Avoiding spilling a single drop while I change bottles is as much excitement as I need. [BCB International via Make]

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