Water-Proof Bone Conduction Headphones

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We've seen those crazy bone conduction headphones in the past and now they just keep getting weirder. These headphones—named the Vibone EZ-80WP—work a little like shaking baby syndrome, for adults, underwater. Bone-conduction headphones use your skull to send musical vibrations to your brain. That sounds fine and dandy on dry land, but would it still work as well underwater?


Product Page [Via Akihabara]


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Ahhh, bone-conduction headphones. Now I can wear my OSHA-required earplugs at work and still listen to my Indn music all without going deaf from having to turn up the volume so I can hear over the racket of the workplace. Actually, mitakuyapi (my relatives), tain't a joke. I really do work where it's incredibly noisy; I am required to wear earplugs in order to save my hearing (& whatever I still have of my sanity); & with these, I can actually listen to powwow songs (MY kind of music) instead of the sound of the gears in my head grinding, or 8 - 10 hrs of CW or 'other'. Now how much are these & where do I get 'em?