Waterproof Gadget Coating is Invisible, Mystifying, Mind Boggling Witchcraft

Golden Shellback is a coating that lets you spill, pour, or submerge your gadget in a liquid and have it survive. Golden Shellback says it will protect against oils, water-based liquids, synthetic fluids, dust and dirt. Tekzilla's Patrick Norton shot a segment on Golden Shellback and has footage of cellphones and CB radios functioning normally under a foot of water (Golden Shellback claimed the CB sat underwater for 455 consecutive hours).

Apparently, the coating is applied in a vacuum and covers both the inner and outer components of a gadget, which doesn't conduct electricity. Golden Shellback hopes the protective coating will be available soon, and expect the service to cost between $50-$75 depending on the size of the gadget. But seeing is believing, so you should watch the video, which is borderline mindblowing. [Golden Shellback via Tekzilla via gCaptain]

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@Noobs-R-Us: It does look like there's something more like thin plastic covering it in that shot, and to me the water seems to have an odd sheen on it, like either it's not water or has been doctored somehow (don't ask me how, it says TVGenius not ChemistryGenius).

But even if it's legit, the port issue is a biggie, since the coating would have to be non-conductive, but if there's a non-conductive coating on the contacts, I don't see how you'd be able to charge it or use any other cables.