We Finally Know What's Going to Be on That San Diego Comic-Con TV Channel

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We knew that San Diego Comic-Con was making its own subscription video-on-demand channel, and we knew that it would be filling its airtime during the many days Comic-Con isn’t happening with “original short-form content.” Now we know what some of the content is, and it sounds... not bad?

A new press release was passed around this morning that lists some of the various new scripted and unscripted TV series (in addition to the previously announced movies from Lionsgate) that will be airing on the channel. I’ve broken them down for you:

• G4 alum Adam Sessler (X-Play) will executive produce programs on comics, science and gaming, along with hosting his own insightful 1:1 interview series.

• Fellow G4 star Kevin Pereira (Attack of the Show) and his company Attack Media will executive produce an entertainment pop culture news show and a late night talk show format.

• The scripted comedy series Kings of Con inspired by real-life fan convention experiences from Supernatural stars Richard Speight and Rob Benedict.

• The science entertainment program Impossible Science starring world champion illusionist Jason Latimer, who explores breakthrough technologies capable of achieving his seemingly impossible feats of magic with real science

• An unscripted series with fangirl fashion company and lifestyle brand, Her Universe, hosted by founder and actress Ashley Eckstein, following contestants as they design their geek couture concepts for the catwalk of a live San Diego Comic-Con fashion show in July.

• One weekly movie talk in partnership with Complex’s Collider inspired by their popular Collider Movie Talk series.

• An all-female panel on pop culture from a female perspective.

• Two roundtable discussion shows.

To be perfectly honest, I was utterly terrified of the idea of Comic-Con trying to make scripted dramas and comedies, but if Kings of Con is any indication, it looks like the channel will be looking for web series to poach and/or upgrade. Maybe it’s because I’m midway through my first watch of Supernatural and thus am rather inclined to watch anything with two of the show’s best comedic supporting actors. But Kings of Con seems all right based on the trailer up top. Also, the Her Universe show sounds very interesting, especially if it’s more of a documentary than a competition.


The other, more news-y content sounds like Comic-Con wants to make G4 2.0, which... isn’t a bad idea, really. I’m not sure it’ll have any more luck than G4 did, but with two whole series (so far!) targeting female audiences it’s already way less bro-y.

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