We Never Ask You For Things Like This, But Someone We Know Really Needs Help

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We never ask you for stuff like this. But if you want to do something good today, here's how you can help someone we know:

Four-year-old Devan has a rare form of high risk leukemia knowns as APML. His doctors have less than 12 weeks to find a bone marrow or cord blood match, so he can have a life-saving transplant.

No match has been found for him yet, but perhaps you are the person who can save him. Anyone could be the match, but we're especially intersted in individuals who are of mixed South-Asian/European ancestry, like Devan.

Donation itself is generally very easy these days - similar to donating blood. But first you need to be tissue-typed to see if you're a match. For this, you will need to have a sample of your saliva or a swab of your cheek sent for testing.


There are instructions on being tissue-typed on the Match Devan website. It's a simple process, but it could save this boy's life.

If you're not a match or unable to donate, please consider at least sharing the link to Match Devan with your friends and family. [Match Devan]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

"We never ask you for stuff like this."

Why not! This is a great outlet for things like this. Just because we are tech blog readers first, doesn't mean we mind these kinds of requests. I think the donations to the parachute guy proved the power of a collective (such as Giz readers). Keep it up Rosa, don't hold back.